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ABOUT LUXURY At Luxury Mechanical Inc., we strive to produce the highest level of service and workmanship available. We commit to treat our staff, clients and suppliers with honesty and respect so we can further improve our trust. At Luxury Mechanical we provide the best advice and service we can to each one of our clients, making sure they are completely satisfied with the finished product. Safety, Honesty, Meaningful Difference and Quality are the core values at Luxury Mechanical Inc. READ ABOUT OUR DIRECTORS COMPANY VALUES MISSION STATEMENT At Luxury Mechanical Inc., we pride ourselves with our quality of workmanship. Our mission is to treat each and every project as if it was our own. Whether we are working on a residential or a commercial project we promise to deliver the highest quality service available. We strive on going above and beyond to distinguish our work from others. We offer all of our clients with second to none brand names, and expect only the best from our suppliers, thus making sure you are completely satisfied. Safety, Honesty, Meaningful Difference and Quality are the core values at Luxury Mechanical Inc. Safety We work to be sure that that everyone who works with us, goes home safe, every day. Honesty We put in a full effort and work to be truthful with ourselves and others. We work to build trust with those we work for and with. Meaningful Difference We work hard to demonstrate respect and make a meaningful difference for our clients, suppliers and our team. Quality We work hard to have people talk about our team, and its work, as being “top shelf.” READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE
OUR SERVICES Luxury Mechanical offers a wide variety of services. We specialize in both commercial and residential installation and repairs. We provide the highest level of service and we make sure each client is completely satisfied with the final product. Plumbing Cooling Heating Residential Services Luxury Mechanical is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your home. You can trust us to provide you with a reliable system and a solution that fits your needs. We work to ensure our team has quality tools and equipment that gets the job done well. We work in a timely manner, always promoting a safe work attitude no matter what the circumstances. Commercial Services We offer a wide variety of commercial services for any size business. We do complete installations and repairs. Our dedication to providing the highest quality service, has helped us become the trusted plumbing, cooling and heating company in Regina. We are experienced in a variety commercial services, and we guarantee customer satisfaction when the project is finished. Luxury Mechanical Inc. is dedicated to providing the best advice and service to any size of business. luxurymechanicaltruck CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "Luxury Mechanical works with MPM Construction in a collaborative method that facilitates our project deliveries." - Marcel Champagne, MPM Construction Services Ltd
CONTACT US Contact us with any inquiries you may have! 325 Dewdney Ave Regina, SK   S4N 0E7 Phone: (306) 501-1987 Email Luc Leblanc:      luxury.mechanical@gmail.com Email Mark Mowrey:    mark@luxurymechanical.ca linkedin GET CONNECTED © 2014 LUXURY MECHANICAL